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Community Kindergartens are for children who turn four by June 30 in the year they are attending.

Play, Play, Play

Children love to play, we love play, play is important to us. Community Kindergartens deliver a play based program. Did we say that we really care about play?

Especially for kindy kids

Community Kindergartens are built for kindy kids. They have playgrounds and buildings that are purpose built for kindergarten children. Located in stand alone facilities, the day is not dictated by the wider school (and siren).

Does it cost more?

Voluntary contributions are set by the Department of Education. They are identical to those for on-site state school based kindergartens. Additional contributions may be requested to cover incursions, excurions or special items (such as purchasing class photos.)

Teaching staff & parents

Teachers are appointed by the Department of Education. Community Kindergartens are managed by a parent committee in collaboration with the teaching staff. It is a team effort, focused on delivering a fantastic kindergarten experience for our children.